Our Company

The Batterjee Holding Company, (formerly the Al Batterjee Group of Industries) was founded in 1982 as the industrial arm of Al Batterjee group of companies. It is a diverse combination of industries producing high quality goods, from pharmaceutical, baby care products, medical supplies and equipment, fabricated steel structures and construction materials, personal healthcare and household detergents, food and beverages, garments and footwear, PE packaging products to oil and gas mining and recycling. Our products are well established and being distributed throughout Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle  East.

Batterjee Holding Company is a unique combination of companies covering many areas of activity. The common thread which unites them is that, to a lesser or greater degree, they all contribute to the economy and development of industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Batterjee
The founder of I.H. Batterjee and Sons 1908
Al Batterjee house in Jeddah between year 1860 and 1910. Renovation commissioned by Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Batterjee includes covering the balcony, pillars and stairs with the finest mosaic designed by Al Sharif of makkah.The house was used as the first US consulate in Saudi Arabia between 1940 to 1952. Prior to that, it was a staff residence for the employees of Arabian-American Oil Company. It had been also rented by the British Petroleum Company.